The Battle Against IPTV Piracy Intensifies: ISPs Ordered to Block Pirate Streams

In a significant move, UK-based broadcaster Sky has been granted a court order to crackdown on illegal streaming of its sports content and select television series via IPTV platforms.

While the details of the order are yet to be made public, sources from the Financial Times suggest that it will mandate online platforms to block access to unauthorized streams across multiple channels. Notably, this includes the likes of Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic, making it a serious blow for those seeking to bypass legitimate subscriptions.

Under this court order, Sky gains the authority to shut down illicit IPTV apps precisely during key events, such as live broadcasts of high-profile games. The broadcaster will collaborate with a third-party to identify and block the IP addresses and servers associated with these pirating operations.

This development is set to disrupt the flourishing market of streaming boxes operating on IPTV platforms, which enable users to access content from around the world without the need for paid subscriptions.

Sky is not alone in this endeavor; last season, the UK’s Premier League secured a similar blocking order from the High Court, successfully removing over 600,000 illegal live streams. Sky’s order, which covers a limited timeframe from August to November, aims to safeguard not only its sports content but also combat piracy of television series.

Illegal streaming sources can host tens of thousands of subscribers, leading to significant revenue losses for content creators and advertisers. Networks heavily rely on advertising revenue when determining the longevity of a series.

A spokesperson for Sky expressed their satisfaction with the High Court’s decision, emphasizing the effectiveness of blocking as a tool against content piracy.

“We’re pleased that the High Court has granted this order, which will help limit the supply of stolen Sky content,” the spokesperson stated. “Blocking has been shown to be an extremely effective tool in tackling content piracy and is just one of a range of measures we take to protect our content and our business.”

With this defensive move, Sky aims to sever the means by which pirates acquire and stream content, dealing a significant blow to IPTV platforms like BunnyStream, Enigma Streams, GenIPTV, CatIPTV, GoTVMix, and IPTVMain.





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